Zumba Dance

Cardio and interval training techniques combine to give you a full body workout set to the most motivating and feel good music


Join us in heart-pumping classes of piloxing! The easy way to burn calories and increase your fitness level.


Improve strength, flexibility and balance with our Pilates workout.

Hip hop

Hip-Hop dance is more about flavor. It is not about what you can do. It is more about what you do to the music.

Aerobic Dance & Body Sculpt

Classes are high energy with a party or club-like atmosphere, so get ready to sweat and have a great time. This class has its own set of moves and steps, and each class is choreographed by an instructor. Although you may not know the moves at your first class, you can just move to the beat. With time you'll pick up the steps and be able to advance to more challenging choreography.

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