Banana Muffin

Our house-baked banana muffins from oat and brown rice flour, drizzle with coconut syrup.


Truffle/Coco-Orange Bliss Balls

Energy reboost bites assorted with vegan protein & superfoods goodness: chocolate truffle with raw cacao & cashew, coco-orange with coconut flakes and figs (nut-free). 100% raw-vegan, gluten-free.


Snicker Bar

Melt-in-the-mouth chocolate, creamy cashew nougat, dates & organic peanuts caramel and toasted cashews for a final crunch. 100% raw-vegan, gluten-free.


Tiramisu Cake

Rich and luscious with note of organic coffee & walnuts – absolutely delicious! 100% raw-vegan, gluten-free.


Bounty Bar

Special for coconut lovers, smooth and light coconut filling in our house-made raw chocolate and cacao nibs. 100% raw-vegan, gluten-free, nut-free.


Chocolate Cream Cake

Chocolate bliss cream with fresh orange extract, vanilla & cacao nibs on light nut-free crunchy crust, served with citrus compote. 100% raw-vegan, gluten-free.


Banana Pancakes

Yummy and healthy banana pancakes with seasonal fruits and house-made sauce to your choise: chocolate, passion fruit or coconut caramel.


Rawfood & Vegan suitable, ask your server for more information.
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