It's time to have a day-off!

Welcome to the day off camp at the Lemonade Club with Intelligent kids crew! On the week-end for the kids 8 +! 

the Whole-day fun (11 am - 6 pm) includes:

Acrobatics class

This class teaches the basics of acrobatics to children ages 6-14 years by focusing on flexibility & strength

Baking class

For children, baking is a fun-filled activity where they get to play with the tools and ingredients and get their hands dirty! We jump right into action from the get-go and engage the children with our energetic, highly enthusiastic chefs!

Dining (2 times/day)

Banana pancakes,fruits, chicken & rice, salmon, soups, desserts and sooo much more for brunches & lunches for kids at Lemonade club!

Board games

The benefits of board games for kids? For example, games may encourage kids to

  • consider the concept of rules
  • practice following rules
  • reason about moral problems

When kids play with older role models they can learn something else, too: How to win—and lose—with grace and good manners 

Math & Logic class

Science class is full of fun, easy, safe and exciting hands-on science experiments as well as fun facts and Science topics that will help to answer a lot of questions asked by your children.

All the experiments are simple, safe and easy to follow. 


When the summer sun hits there’s nothing kids like more than getting wet at our spacious swimming pool with water slides

2100 THB/ per whole day (classes & meal included) 

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