Spine Therapy

Come at Lemonade club every Wednesday at 9 am to try our new classes – SPINE THERAPY with Mandala balls (Spine muscles,knots and tights elimination and relaxation)

400THB per class

About the class:

For physical healing, for musculoskeletal system and its problems, such as injures or arthritis . 
Physical practice:
✅ activate blood circulation
✅ helping toxins faster go out

Benefits of the Asanas are fast calories burning, very good self stomach and inner organs massage, made your lower back stronger and straight your spine, good for the balance and concentration, for healthy good sleeping. Yet their benefits also extend through the circulatory system to the entire body, opening the channels for the flow of a deeper healing prana.

About our instructor:

Renata Citrons is a devoted yogi with over 15 years in the study, personal development and teachings of the yogic path. She is certified in the World Yoga Alliance with certifications in Yin Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Sound Healing therapy, Spine Therapy and Aqua Aroba. She has accomplished her studies all over the world including Thailand, Bali, Lithuania and Moscow. Renata is also certified in Reiki healing.


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